Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of practice is Champion HEALTHCARE?

At Champion Healthcare, we provide both primary care and specialized care services. Our primary care services include immunization and early detection of health problems and treatment in children. Other services we offer include; disease prevention and screenings, diagnosis and treatments of illness, weight loss, aesthetics, and hormone replacement therapy.

What can I expect from Champion Healthcare?

Effective, safe, timely, and patient-centered care are a few things you should expect when you walk into Champion Healthcare . We work closely with our patients and their loved ones to make the right health decisions. Our world-class healthcare services will leave you feeling happy, content, and in the best possible health condition.

What causes hormonal imbalances?

Hormone production in the body decreases as we age, resulting in hormonal imbalance. A host of other factors like an unhealthy diet, stress, insufficient sleep, and other conditions can also result in hormonal imbalance. Hormones are very important chemical messengers in our body, and any distortion in their levels can affect our well-being.

Do prescription appetite suppressants/weight-loss medications really work?

The short answer is Yes. Weight loss medications produce the best results when combined with lifestyle changes. It’s important to note that these medications do not work their magic overnight. With a low-calorie diet, regular exercise you should begin to see significant changes in your body fat percentage and weight within a short period.

Do I qualify for appetite suppressants?

Are you having a hard time losing weight by following a diet and exercise plan? It may be time to consider appetite suppressants. We follow appropriate medical guidelines before prescribing appetite suppressants to our patients. Your body mass index (BMI) is handy in determining the need for appetite suppressants.
 At Champion Healthcare , we usually recommend appetite suppressants for patients with either a very high BMI or who have been diagnosed with a weight-related medical condition. Before handing out appetite suppressants, we also ensure the patient isn’t taking any medication that can interact with it. Examples are amphetamines and anti-psychotics.

What forms of insurance does Champion Healthcare accept?

We accept several health insurance plans at Champion Healthcare, depending on what service you need. Kindly contact our office at 409-347-8989. We’ll assist you with any information you need on the viability of your health plan.

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